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77 Amberley Crescent,

Dandenong Vic 3175

Welcome to Diamond Cote

Specialising in house doors, wardrobe doors, kitchen cabinet doors, room skirting, panelling & more.

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Diamond Cote Pty Ltd is a family business and has been operating for more than 20 years and has built up a large array of clients, helping them to achieve the best results for their projects.
Our paint division offers all types of finishes, such as two pack polyurethane, single pack paint, diamond fleck single pack metallic, two pack metallic, textured and textured metallic.
Our stain and polish division offers clear coatings in both single and two pack finishes, staining to any colour, single pack paint, along with special distressed finishes.
Our frequent projects include interior and exterior house doors, wardrobe doors, kitchen cabinet doors and surfaces, such as wall panelling, display panels and shop fittings. 

Our New Service



If your Vinyl doors are looking tired or just coming off we can help.
We are able to remove the old vinyl from your doors and paint them the same colour to match your panels that are still vinyl.  Or if you wish for a colour change we can do that as well.
Call us and we will come to you and give you some advise on how to get your kitchen back to the way it was. 


We do kitchen refurbishments, change the colour and /or the type of finish.  Such as, if you have a timber kitchen, we can paint it in a two pack polyurethane finish with any gloss level and any colour you want.  But if you want we can just renew, by putting a new coat of lacquer.


For customers looking for a natural finish, we have a range of products of oils and waxes.



We have a selection of waterbase products for all types of projects that require user friendly and safe environment finishes for children and adults that are sensitive to chemicals.


Large Capacity Spray Booth

Our large capacity spray booth enables us to cater for large panel work when required as well as smaller individual jobs. 


Individual attention can be given to multiple timber detailing projects. Our stain and polish areas specialise in colour matching and top quality polishing for home restoration projects, new or restored timber doors, and wall panelling.
We have facilities to handle small jobs through to complete kitchens or house lots in an efficient manner. House projects include residential developments which require skirting and architrave being sealed, quality painted doors, complete kitchen units, vanity units and wardrobes. Specially detailed surfaces such as fire surrounds, skylights, glass panelled doors and coated cement sheeting can be readily handled. 

Attention To Detail In Quality Custom Finishing

Extra care and attention is taken by our highly trained and experienced spray operators on large panels down to the intricate detailing of furniture fittings, home interior fittings and architrave materials. Whatever your detailing requirements Diamond Cote staff will handle every job with the same high level of quality and personal attention, completing the job correctly and on time.
Diamond Cote can help with critical production schedules to keep your development projects running smoothly and on time without exceeding your budget requirements. All your projects get our professional individual attention, whether it be for a new kitchen installation project, furniture or cabinet finishing, for custom designed furniture, or for your important home restoration projects.

Panel Finishing and OUR MANUAL Sanding Skill

We have developed efficient hand sanding processes for detailed work, while our flat sanding machinery can be quickly utilised for consistent surface results on our house lot projects. Our operator skill is focused on getting the best possible surface and detail finish on every panel, every time, ensuring your project looks the best it can be and complies with our high finished quality standards.
We can colour match the finish and gloss level to suit existing panelling to maintain a consistent visual result. Diamond Cote also undertakes surface and edge repair on panels, or to repair and repaint doors that where damaged by incorrect cutting or installation. Where doors have been drilled incorrectly or have been altered to fit a modified installation.

Inspection and Quality Assurance

Quality is paramount through all our work. Diamond Cote has developed a full final inspection process and quality assurance programme, designed to ensure every product leaves our factory in perfect condition. All jobs are carefully wrapped to prevent surface or edge damage during shipment back to our clients.
Diamond Cote and all our staff take pride and satisfaction in providing the best possible completed surface finishing available. Our focus on quality ensures that your projects look the best they possibly can once installed, and fully reflect the quality and professionalism Diamond Cote, you and your valued clients expect.
Contact Diamond Cote today to discuss your specific project requirements.
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